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Seville Easter Week Processions 2015 in Seville

Seville Easter Week Processions 2015 in Seville

Lugar: ​ Seville (Spain)



Formerly the brotherhoods of Seville did their tour around the churches where they had their headquarters. In 1604 the requirement that all fraternities had to go to the cathedral in its path, except for that established its headquarters in Triana had to be addressed to the Church of Santa Ana


  At what point the processional route to get better view of the Holy Week in Seville 2014?


It is called the common official race route to be followed by all fraternities on their way to the Cathedral . Officially marked by the Council of Fraternities and Brotherhoods of Seville, begins at the Plaza de la Campana one of the most recommended places to see the Easter week 2014 , continues to the C / tillers another of the busiest places and points along the way , square San Francisco a great to see the parades and the constitution avenidad where tourists and visitors are placed well in advance instead , ending at the cathedral and this temple and closure steps one of the most emotional moments of all the parade, the last point of the procession arrives from the door called San Miguel , leaving it by the door of Palos.


At the start of the official race in the hood, the palquillo Council of Brotherhoods , chaired by the President of the Board, and in which guilds asking leave to make their journey is, for what sense this time is one itinerary of the places in the procesiones en Sevilla 2014 you should not miss. Sevilla is one of the most visited cities in Spain but far more splendor , beauty and feeling is the celebration of the Week of world's most famous Easter .

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